Exciting News regarding ECU Flashing from Woolich Racing
December 09 2016, 0 Comments

Here at Parkitt we use a number of different platforms to Flash ECU's including Woolich Racing.

Woolwich have just realised a new model to the range which allows us to Include the function of Pit Lane Speed Limiter, Launch Control and Quickshifter. This product is known at "Race Tools"

The Bikes.... Honda CBR1000RR & CBR600RR (1000 - RR6+, 600 RR7+). We can now offer functionality like that of the KIT ECU.

While reflashing the ECU we can adjust the following:

  • IAP Fuel Maps
  • TPS Fuel Maps
  • Ignition Timing Maps
  • Injector Balance Maps
  • Adjust RPM Limiters
  • Adjust Idle RPM
  • Adjust Fan Temperature
  • Disable Stock O2 Sensor
  • Disable PAIR Valve
  • Disable Exhaust Valve
  • Disable Knock Sensor
  • Disable Steering Damper
  • Woolich Racing AutoTune
  • Real Time Engine Data
  • Diagnostics: Read and Clear Fault Codes

    With the addition of Race Tools we can add the following:

    High quality strain gauge Quickshifter with digitally controlled pressure sensing that can be used in regular or race shift pattern.

    Honda Race Tools Harness Type 2 which allows the quickshifter to be plugged into the bikes wiring harness

    Race Tools Key to allow the use of the Race Tools on one ECU in the Woolich Racing Tuned software.

     Quickshifter Kill times are configurable per gear with 3D maps allowing Kill Times to be set for the full range of TPS and RPM combinations. The quickshifter kills both fuel and ignition.

    Launch Control allows you to configure Delay, Launch RPM, Ramp Time and Ramp RPM


    Pit Speed Limiter allows you to set the RPM to limit the speed while riding through the pits.


    This harness uses the stock Exhaust Valve plugs on the bike's harness, the stock Exhaust Valve should be removed from the bike and disabled in our software


    Prices from:

    Flashing £180**

    Race Tools £336 **

    Dyno Time £180 Est


    Cheaper that most aftermarket Fuelling and Ignition modules and more functionality!


    What More could you ask for?


    **Woolich Prices are set to increase January 2017


    Many other bikes are available. For more details call us on 01777 871 095 or message us via the contact page on the website.


    Thank you