October 15 2018, 0 Comments

With the Track & Race Season coming to a close in the UK we are once again running an offer to help you manage your time and budget.
Last year we had scheme that allowed you to bring in your kit into us and defer the payment. This year we want to go one step further. Details of each of our schemes are noted below.
The schemes are based around the major servicing / rebuild of your bikes engine, gearbox & suspension.
Scheme 1.
Bring your engine / bike / suspension units to us during October and we will spread your payments out over Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan in equal payments and the parts/bike can be collected in January (when paid in full).. It will help manage your finances and spread the payments out and also not leave things until last minute.
Scheme 2.
This is suitable for people who still plan to use their bike a little later into the year but would normally get things sorted once things like Christmas is over. To save putting yourself (and us) under time pressures we would like to offer people to bring there kit in during November and December and collect in January and only pay for the work once collected in January. That way you can get things sorted ahead of time without the worry of having to pay for it before Christmas at the end of the year.
What's more, ANYONE (whether using the schemes or not) That brings us one of the following will receive 10% off of ALL Part & Accessories we supply for the WHOLE of 2019
A) Engine & Gearbox Refresh
B) Front & Rear Suspension Service/Upgrades
C) Race/Track Bike Build / Re-Build / Conversion
Please message us directly with any enquiries or call us on 01777 871 095 to discuss your requirements.