To Re-Map or Not To Re-Map.... That is the De-cat Question
February 01 2019, 0 Comments

Common question asked.... Do i need a remap if i de-cat. The replies are always mixed and people think we (as tuners) will always say yes.... well, I'm usually considered very honest and if i run something and it doesn't need it then i'll say.... however, more often than not it does. Here is an example of this... which happens to be a MT10. On larger throttle openings things to richen up a bit but at small throttle openings and low RPM's the bike is Lean - Very, Lean.... this bike has been run like this for a while and hadn't broken down or "Blown Up" 16AFR is considered the top end for economy and certainly emissions as it leaves very few hydrocarbons unburnt but it isnt good for how a machine feels off the throttle, the temp of the engine (fuel does act as a coolant as such). Parts of this trace go higher than 18AFR if poor fuel was used it could lead to denotation, valve seat issues and lots of other things. You make you mods and you make your choices but sometimes it interesting to see the result.