"Winterise" your Track Bike
December 07 2016, 0 Comments

We have already had the first cold spell and for those who haven't already, now is the time to "winterise" your track Bike.

Most trackbikes will have just good old fashioned water in the cooling system, should this freeze it can do anything from shear water pump shafts and impellors to crack cylinder heads and water jackets when it expands during freezing. The solution is not to just drain your system as this can leave water behind but to either fill it with a coolant mix or neat coolant as this can also help prevent corrosion.

The next thing to consider is your fuel - or more to the point, your fuel tank. A tank that isn't full leaves exposed steel and condensation in your tank can cause corrosion on the inside and this corrosion will be the enemy of fuel filters when it breaks down. The solution - brim your tank!

That's just some of the basics, If you want to have a chat about your winter service plans or anything else bike related feel free to give us a call on 01777 871 095