Euro Trackday Services

For those of you who have not been on a Euro or UK No Limits Trackday before, Parkitt Racing will be providing your trackside support – TYRES, PARTS, SUSPENSION SETUP and REPAIRS.  

Because of the limited space available to us on these events,  we only carry a small selection of spare parts and tyres. We recommend that Should you need any spares or tyres for you chosen event, It is essential that you Pre-Order through Parkitt Racing. 

We have to levy a small additional charge to cover transport costs, which have increased for 2017. Please see below for your checkout procedure.

You can Order tyres & parts On-Line, on check-out select "Collect at No Limits Euro Event" from the shipping choices. Just put the date of your event in the comments section - IT COULDNT BE EASIER!

(Orders that do not have shipping or an event date we will presume you are collecting from the workshop)


(If you cannot find your preferred tyre, we most likely stock it, but have not yet upload it to our new-look website. Please call 01777 871 095)


We not only supply track tyres but can also meet your road tyre needs.

You are under no obligation to use our tyre services at the event but please bear in mind if you are fitting your own tyres with your own equipment on site you will need  to bring your own compressor as we cannot inflate tyres that we have not fitted in case there is any damage to the bead/tyre that we cannot see and be held liable for.


In addition to tyres and parts, Parkitt Racing provide a Suspension Workshop and provide services such as fork seal replacement and a full Set-Up service by one of our Ohlins Qualified Technicians.


Our technician will start by initially setting your bike (Looking at overall geometry, sags, damping rates and the general attitude of the machine) and then fine tuning to give you the optimum balance throughout the day based on the input and feedback you give him (no matter how basic, as he is trained to interpret and ask questions). If you have never had your suspension set-up it can be the best £50 (one day or £75 for two days) you have ever spent! If your suspension is not working for you it will be working against you.

Not only, we will be setting your suspension, we will guide you through what we are doing, and why we are doing it. We will analyse, with you, your riding style and give you tips on parts of the circuit where improvements can be made (having ridden them ourselves).

This combination of set-up, track advice, body position help and riding technique advise will make you a safer rider, give you longer tyre life and help you get more out of your trackday.

It not just a suspension set-up, its an experience!

Should you have any mechanical problems or crash your motorcycle we will also be on hand to do our best to get you back out on track with our Labour and Parts service.


1. The price you pay for tyres does not include fitting. Fitting is charged once at the circuit

2. We cannot inflate tyres you have personally fitted at the track with your own equipment. It’s a liability issue in case there is damage to the bead/tyre that we cannot see and therefor be held liable for.

3. We do accept Credit cards but a fee of 1.5% does apply and 2% for American Express. Debit Cards are Free.

4. We can accept both Sterling & Euro's at the event but the exchange rate will be at the banks BUY BACK rate currently approx 1.5 (Euro) as we have to sell them back to bank when we get to the UK. It is cheaper to use your card or sterling

5. You do not need to buy tyres from us to use our fitting service, we will fit tyres you provide yourself both New and Scrub – However we withhold the right to refuse to fit a scrub if we do not deem it track worthy due to age, damage or wear.

6. We can remove your wheels for you should you not want to faff about taking wheels out. There is a charge for this service.

7. We will consider "Bulk Tyre Change" discounts for looking who have multiple tyre changes. Please email your request to

8. Tyre fitting charges whilst in Europe are £15 per loose wheel or £30 if fitted to the bike. This can also be paid in local currency at the prevailing buy back rate.