Race Paddock Support

Parkitt Racing have the infrastructure, personnel and expertise in place to provide Race Event Organisers with a support service that will be second to none and provide entrants with a service they can trust and reply on.

We have several years experience in this field and pride ourselves with the service we have provided other organisers in the past.

We can provide paddocks with the following services:

  • Parts & Clothing

We carry a selection of parts such as brake pads, footpegs, levers, bars & clipons, accessories, helmets, gloves and MUCH MUCH more. We have found, over the years, what we need to hold and what is considered "Trinkets" and have a Parts service that will cover most circumstances and requirements.

  • Mechanical / Repair

At the event will be a number of qualified mechanics. Should you require any mechanical or electrical work on your bike we will do our best to help you get back on track and continue with your weekend. Given the busy nature of weekend we cannot make any guarantees but as x-racers ourselves we know what it means to miss a race and we will do everything we can to get you going again. We charge £60 per hour with a minimum charge of £20 and can do simple thing such as fitting a Chain Guard to replacing entire gearbox assembly.

  • Suspension Set-Up & Repair

During the race weekend you will have access to at least 2 qualified suspension technicians who will be able to assist you in setting up your bike. Information can be found HERE and you can also pre-purchase set-up from that link. Should you run into any problems such as a leaky fork seal - we will be on hand to make trackside repairs and get you back out to race.

  • Tyre Supply & Fitting Services.

We are main dealers for Pirelli, Metzeler, Dunlop, Conti and Michelin. We can provide personnel and equipment to run at least two tyre machines and balancers (with capacity and stock for more)

We only used trained tyre fitters and all of our machines used plastic fittings to minimise any potential for damage to wheel rims.

If you are considering changing your support structure or expanding your existing support network then please contact us for an informal chat on 01777 871 095


Thank you