Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Carburettor Cleaning Service

An ultrasonic Cleaner uses sound waves to clean items such as Cylinder Heads and carburettors. This is a far superior method than using sprays or chemicals to remove old fuel deposits and ground in grime.

The cleaning process is caused by microscopic air bubbles imploding on the surface of the component like tiny explosions caused by the high frequency sound waves in the ultrasonic bath. All the holes and passageways in the item will be cleaning or anywhere the solution has contact with.

No harsh or corrosive chemicals are used, only a mild detergent is used to help breakdown the grime that has built up over the years.
Most carburettor problems are down to dirt and grime or blocked passage ways, ultrasonic cleaning will restore your carburettors performance back to as when they were new.

Ultrasonic cleaning cleans the whole carburettor inside and out and removes dirt oil and stains etc but it will not remove corrosion or restore the alloy to a as new appearance, basically it will clean and remove all the grime, so as long as the carburettors are in good serviceable condition they will perform as new.

Prices are as follows (disassembled):
Single carb: £10
Twin carb: £20
Triple carb: £30
Four Carbs / Cylinder Head: £40
 Single carb: £25
Twin carbs: £50
Triple carbs: £75
Four Carbs: £100
We can also rebuild Carburettor back to factory spec using either OE or Pattern parts - call for an estimate.
We will clean most products (not listed above). Please call to discuss your requirements.