Choose your Aprilia Ohlins Road & Track Rear Shock Absorber


Product Description


This is the latest Ohlins shock absorber for sport and hypersport bikes. The already famous and high performing TTX shock goes to a new level with the latest valving technology from MotoGP. The TTX GP shock is now available for most bike models used in national racing as well as the latest street bikes.

  • TTX technology, twin tube technology.
  • No risk of cavitation
  • Rebound & Compression adjustment straight from MotoGP
  • Wider and more precise adjustment range.
  • Easy to change settings, based on Ohlins setting bank



The TTX Road & Track is developed for the latest hypersport models as a complement to the TTX GP shock. The TTX RT has a competitive price but still offers great performance for the road and trackday enthusiast. The shock is based on the TTX36 with its race proven technology.

  • TTX technology
  • Wide adjuster range.
  • All adjustments are done on the cylinder head of the shock.
  • Length adjustable for most models.



Ohlins product base rests on the successful 46mm single tube shock absorber family. The settings are individually tested on each bike application to suit the model in particular. The shocks are also designed with different features depending on what we find most useful to the bike application. Comfort and performance in symbiosis, mixed with the traditional Ohlins values.


  • Ohlins design.
  • Always individually tested on every bike application.
  • Full maintenance capability.
  • Setting library is available through every Ohlins service centre.
  • A wide range of spring rate availability.



The smaller bikes and also motorcycles with twin shock absorbers usually have lest space to fit a STX46 shock. then the STX36 family is the perfect choice. We have them available in the cleanest design as well as fully adjustable with lots of clickers and adjusters. It does not matter if you ride a Harley Touting bike or a scooter.

  • Ohlins design
  • Full maintenance capability
  • Setting library available through every Ohlins service centre.
  • A wide range of spring rates
  • Springs available in Black, Yellow and Chrome to all custom bikes.

Not all shocks are kept in stock. If you require one ASAP, please call us on 01777 871 095. If not held in stock, we will contact with an estimate of delivery time.

Should you require anything other than the standard spring please specify your requested spring rate in the "Comments" Section on check out. Should the comments left blank we will supply with the standard spring rate.

*NB. images are generic and may have alternative orientations to suit different makes & models of motorcycle.

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