CORDONA ASG & GP Quickshifters


Product Description

    Strain Gauge ASG Quickshifter
    Please NOTE. Some of these products are "bolt-ons" to the products you already have> in order to fulfill your order correctly please can you tell us what set-up you have
    i.e Power Commander 5, GSXR1000 K9 etc etc.
    Thank you
    Up shift and downshift analogue signal, for advanced ECU’s that can blip the throttle at downshifts, 
  •    such as Marelli, Motec, MotoGP and WSBK ECUs.
  • Can be ordered with HRC connector for Plug and Play use with HRC ECU and wiring harness

    • Strain Gauge/Load Cell sensor Straight from MotoGP and WSB 
    • Senses both Push and Pull linkages 
    • Automatic set up, logic firmware asks the rider to perform an up shift after installation and the sensor will automtically learn and remember push or pull 
    • Only 14mm diameter 
    • Fully computerized, 25mhz processor 
    • Automatic compensation for temperature, creep and vibration 
    • Preload set up on digital miniature panel 1m from the Switch, adjustable 1-30. 
    • Absolutely water proof with sealed connectors 
    • No movable parts 
    • Super Durable, stainless steel and aircraft aluminum 
    • Prototype tested continuously for 7 days, 603 000 upshifts with 45kg force. Equivalent of 12 years racing use.

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