CORDONA Quickshifter PQ8


Product Description

Precision Quickshifter 8 (PQ8)

Full throttle electronic up shifts, Seamless acceleration... Roadracing bikes, Street bikes, Dragbikes, Gokarts, Crosskarts, basically anything with a sequential gearbox. PQ8 won´t mess with the injection light on fuel injected engines. Engineered with all the latest technology, continuously developed and upgraded. Used by international level racers worldwide.

Proven winner straight out of the box, we won the Nordic BoTT Title with one of the PQ8 prototypes installed; and re took the title again in 2009, together with the Norwegian SBK title and the PRO SBK title...

Please Note: when purchasing this product is "Piggy Backs" your individual coil pack tops. If you bike is using "Coil Packs" (such as 1998 Yamaha R1) you will need to wire the QS into the coil pack - this wiring is not included and will be bespoke to each motorcycles. If your bike has Coil Packs and not stick, please state your Make and Model in the comments section when checking out so we make sure the correct loom (for modification) is used.

If you are not comfortable doing such a modification we can do it for you in our fully equipped workshop. Please call for details 01777 871 095

 Intelligent Multichannel Quickshifter



  • Engineered with all the latest technology, continuously developed and upgraded.


  • Compu Shift, calculates a perfect kill time for each up shift according to engine conditions, acceleration, load and rpm with a selection of 500 different kill times. Adjustable between 40-80ms.


  • Makes the ECU believe the engine is still running at up shift; allows for a very smooth and stable up shift without any fault messages or leaned or enriched fuelling.


  • Comes with plug and play connectors for Denso and Mitsubishi coils, used on most sport bikes. For other coils the installation is not plug and play, still an easy straight fwd. installation though, hardware for splicing is included. *Automatic rpm controlled ON/OFF, fully adjustable, to prevent the engine from stopping when put in neutral from 1st gear while at idle.


  • Will pick +12v from a coil via the red wire going straight to the PQ8 CPU on bikes with stick coils, making for an easy installation, no need to install a 12v wire on bikes with stick coils.


  • Has “Smooth Shift” built in to ease the shock loads on the gear box and chain and to lessen loss of traction at up shift, just like the Moto GP shifters. It kills all cylinders simultaneously at up shift but bring them back on in a computer controlled sequence, in conjunction with Compu Shift.


  • Waterproof design, the circuit board is encased in glue, aviation grade 26 pin connector.


  • Aural horn for test and start up acknowledgement if hidden behind fairings, very useful for set up.


  • Shift Light circuitry built in, with shift soon functions; LED will come on for 1000rpm before up shift rpm and then flash in sequence with the rpm. RPM is set with 3 digits in steps of 100rpm. LED assembly sold separately, Batwing Shiftlight.


  • Auto Shift, can be selected to activate the shifter automatically at an adjustable rpm. The rider just has to keep the shifter pedal preloaded between up shifts. Useful for drag racers going below the break out time, just reduce the up shift RPM to go slightly slower next run.


  • Fully upgradable at any one of our dealers with a hand held programer.

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