Digital Pitboard by HM Racing & Quickshifters


Product Description

HM Have world leading Quickshifters.... They are now launching an all new Product - Be the first to have a digital Pitboard!

Use the simply touch keypad and display screen & Hey Presto!!! perfect Pit - Rider / Driver Messages!

Write anything you want on any line. 5 memory settings, full QWERTY keyboard, LCD display, full brightness adjustment, EASY to see in direct sunlight, timer so it makes it easier to know when your rider is coming and all for less than a good standard pitboard with numbers and cases.


1) How much does is weigh?

A. Approx 5kg


2) Can it be viewed in direct sunlight?

A. It has been extensively tested in Spain during 2017 inc round of the WSB and the riders reported that it can be viewed in direct sunlight with riders reporting no issues even on the sunniest of days

3) if the rider initially missed the board, can it be viewed at an angle.

A. The LED's can be viewed at an angle but the more steep the angle the harder it will be too read - but in essence, yes it can still be viewed at a slight angle. 

Available from the beginning of 2018

Pre-Order yours now!!




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