ECU ReFlashing - By Post


Product Description

Here at Parkitt Racing with have the facility to Re-Flash you stock ECU.

Take control of your ECU. No need for any other tuning products as everything you need is already in your machine’s ECU, and with this kit you can access it.

Options include (Varies Bike2Bike):

  • Removal of gear base restriction
  • Disable 02 sensors, pair valves
  • Remove speed restrictions
  • Optimize ignition timing
  • Adjust cooling fan switch-points
  • Customized fuel and ignition maps
  • Remove throttle by wire restriction
  • Immobiliser Removal for Keyless Ignitions on Track Bikes

All this and much more depending on your make and model.

ECU re-flashing by post is not 100% perfect - All machines have small build differences, therefore results can vary. We ALWAYS recommend running your bike on a dyno to fine tune the 'Flash'.

We offer that service here at Parkitt if required or we can mail your ECU back to you with a revised de-restricted map ready for you to plug a play.

Please print off your order and post it to us, along with you ECU and details of your bike including any modifications on the bike.

If you require a fast turn around please contact us first, if not we work on a 5-7 day turn around.

Price includes fully insured return postage.

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