Flash Tune ECU Re-Flash ZX10R 2016+


Product Description

We offer various packages

A) Flash-BY-Post. Professional fuel map modification to suit exhaust a full exhaust system (although custom fuel and ignition mapping is HIGHLY recommended), Removal of all gear based or speed dependent restrictions, TRE, Optimised timing maps for 91+ octane or other readily available fuels, Bypass Immobilizer / ignition switch resistor, Raised Rev Limiter +500 RPM (on applicable models), Disable Pair Valve, remove the throttle restrictions demanded by the new Euro 4 rules, revised engine braking, reverse your quickshifter pattern if you use a "RACE" shift pattern - and MUCH more.

B) Turn your quick shifter into an Auto- Blipper!

C) Your own off bike Flash Kit.

D) Your own on-Bike Flash Kit


Options C & D include ONE licence to flash your own ECU. Should you want to flash your friends and family's Kawasaki's additional ECU licences can be purchased.

Just complete the following steps for Options A & B. Price includes return postage.
1.Place your order below
2.Remove your ECU, package securely and post it to the address we email you
3.Receive, install, and enjoy your reflashed, de-restricted ECU

We typically remap and flash your ECU the same day we receive it and ship it back the same day. Total turnaround time is typically 3-4 business days

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