Fork Re-Seal & Oil Change Kit (Budget)


Product Description

We have put all the things you need in one place for the Home mechanic to change the oil & oil seals in their front suspension.

We also retail dust seal, bushes and OEM and budget fork seals - please contact us with your requirements.

You will receive a 1Ltr of the chosen weight fork oil and one set of fork oil seals from either OEM or OEM quality replacements.

we recommend Silkolene RSF fork oil and use it on all of our fork servicing (except Ohlins which requires specific oil)

Advanced racing suspension fluids designed for the latest competition suspension systems. Integrated with low friction synthetics, anti-foam and wear-resistant additives to ensure predictable suspension performance, long seal life and silky smooth action. Used extensively by factory teams and suspension specialists in road racing and rallying competition.

Provides exceptional performance in air, nitrogen and argon filled systems. Has a high viscosity index (VI), which eliminates the 'fade' experienced when shocks are required to operate at high temperatures. Available in 2.5wt, 5wt, 7.5wt, 10wt, 15wt grades, which can be individually blended to give fine-tuned suspension response.

  • Advanced racing suspension fluid
  • Designed for the latest competition suspension systems
  • Long seal life and silky smooth action
  • Used extensively by factory teams
  • Provides exceptional performance

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