Motul Chain Care Kit


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Product Description

Save £7 by purchasing the pack and not singular. FREE CHAIN BRUSH!

For more than 160 years Motul have been evolving and setting the highest standards with their products.

Throughout this time, the company has made no secret and pride themselves on the fact that their workforce is driven by demanding ethos, passion and respect.

The results have been constant innovation and products that satisfy at even the highest technical level. 

The Motul chain care pack includes Motul C1 chain clean, Motul C4 factory line chain lube and a chain brush all in a convenient kit.

With a powerful and advanced formula, the chain lubricant has been specifically developed to answer all the problems and challenges faced by speed and endurance racers alike and is based on solid additives AW / EP.

Working in harmony with the lube is the chain cleaner and chain brush - a double act which will make easy work of all drive chains. With a chlorine free formula, the cleaner cuts through encrusted deposits and leaves you with more time to get back out and ride. 

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