Ohlins Kawasaki ZX10 ZX6 R Steering Damper Upgrade


Product Description

The Ohlins damper is built to Kawasaki's spec for road use and is simply not 'Man' enough for use on the track, as its damping characteristics are not the same as a 'off the shelf' Ohlins steering damper.

We can rework you OEM steering Damper as fitted to Late model ZX10 and ZX6R.

In order to re-spec your damper for 'Race / Track Use', we strip the unit down and replace the parts that control the flow of oil, which in turn controls your damping.

Please choose from the following:

1) In addition to the upgrade we also compete a full service.

2) Just the Upgrade

This modification is NOT FOR ROAD USE. Please complete the following Disclaimer  and enclosed it with your damper when posting it to us for upgrade.

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