Pazzo Racing Brake & Clutch Lever for BMW (PAIRS)


Product Description

If your brake and clutch levers feel vary when riding, your interface with your bike becomes inconsistent giving you one more unnecessary thing to worry about when your thoughts should remain free to concentrate on the tarmac ahead.

"The Suzuki’s stock levers are good enough, but these Pazzo ones just feel a bit more special. The precise adjusters on both levers allow me to adjust the span to exactly where I want and they have a chunky click for each step. Plus, they can be changed on the move, should you suffer from, ahem, brake fade. …every time I pull in the clutch or brake I can feel the rugged solidity beneath my fingers. Which make these a bolt on you can enjoy every time you ride."

MT, Bike Magazine
Suzuki GSX-R1000"

Designed for OEM style Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders - and OEM Cable Clutch Lever Pivots too - the miniature "clicker" lever controls a cam assembly, giving riders the ability to manipulate lever position/span while riding.

This means Brake and Clutch adjustments can be made with ease, especially important on the track to counteract the effects of fade caused by repeated extreme braking and high engine temperatures.

Pazzo adjustable levers are the same as those used by many leading European and US/AMA factory teams.

Pleaser state "LONG" or "SHORT" when checking out.

Not all variants are held in stock so there maybe a small delay in dispatching your order.

Lever pictured is for illustration purposes only.

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