Rapid Bike Fuelling Module inc Auto Blipper & Quickshifter Triumph 765 S R & RS


Product Description

Upgraded the Intake or Exhaust System on your 765? Want to smooth out the power delivery? Or perhaps you want to add a Quickshifter and AutoBlipper to the bilke? Then look no further.... Rapid Bike are one of the very few systems that allow the Fueling within the "Closed Loop" section of the fuel map to be changes as well as offering a raft of add-on's


Bypass Module:

Bypasses EVO and RACING modules and returns the bike instantly back to standard without removing the Rapid Bike wiring harness. Allows for a direct comparison or fault diagnostics.


Bluetooth Communications Device

The BlueBike Bluetooth Communication Device is designed to make the EVO or RACING module kit's data visible on your smartphone to enhance your Rapid Bike experience with real-time feedback.
This system is designed to work with Android smartphones (version 2.2 or higher). The downloadable RaceTime Rapid Bike app must be downloaded for smartphone connectivity. The required app is available from the Google Play store or www.racetimeapp.com/enThe BlueBike Device also allows for wireless communication between EVO & RACING module kits and a Bluetooth enabled laptop.


Quickshifter Expansion Module

Load sensor cell plugs into EVO or RACING module and manages power cut to allow an up-shift into a higher gear without using the clutch or closing the throttle. It is a universal item and works either by push or pull.


Quickshifter & Auto Blipper

The Up / Down Shift Assist allows the rider to perform clutchless up-shifts as well as down-shifts with 'auto Blip'. This shift assist is designed as an add on module and must be installed in conjunction with a Rapid Bike Evo or Racing fuelling kits.

It connects via CAN-bus to the Rapid Bike Evo or Racing wiring harness and features a push pull load sensor with an auto-calibration system to control shifting kill time and provide a dynamic fuelling cut.

It features full compatibility with the YouTune handlebar controller for management of the pressure level required to activate shifting operations. Another additional feature managed via YouTune is the modulation of engine/throttle response sensitivity. 


Digital Dash Contoller

YouTune is the new handlebar mounted controller putting a technological revolution in your hands. A compact and innovative calibration device allowing to customize your bike’s performance in real time, whether you are on the street or on a race track.

To be purchased as a separate accessory for installation with Rapid Bike EVO and Rapid Bike RACING modules.

  • Modifying target of AIR/FUEL RATIO PARAMETER for auto-remapping fuel adjustments. Displaying air/fuel ratio value and changing its target in real time (with My Tuning Bike installed)

  • Fine tune modulation of QUICK-SHIFTING kill time

  • DISPLAYING THE MAIN ENGINE PARAMETERS: RPM, TPS, AFR, OEM Lambda Status, Gear – also TC and EB operating.
  • RPM/SPEED CONTROL activation to maintain constant cruising, a very useful tool to drive comfortably even in traffic jams, areas with speed-traps cameras, etc
  • Modulation of ENGINE BRAKING (now available also for Rapid Bike EVO)
  • TRACTION CONTROL* activation and fine tuning modulation of its effectiveness
  • LAUNCH CONTROL* activation to enable and modulate settings for a 'flying start'


Rapid Bike EVO Module

Rapid Bike's modules utilise the lambda sensor allowing for a drastic improvement of engine performance and fuel efficiency across the entire rpm range, especially in the closed loop section. All kits come with wiring harness and instruction manual.

EVO: With auto-adaptive technology the map is constantly adjusted while riding the vehicle. Connected via the bike specific wiring harness and with free downloadable software the adjustable map can be modified throughout the entire power delivery curve.

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