Shido Lithium-ion Jump Start and Power Pack


Product Description

The SHIDO lithium-ion Jumpstarter is an extremely powerful, yet lightweight solution if you are in need of a portable backup energy source to start your vehicle, power mobile applications, or recharge electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets on the fly.


  LOW WEIGHT- Up to 80% lighter than equivalent Lead Acid Jumpstarters

  LOW VOLUME - Up to 80% smaller than equivalent Lead Acid Jumpstarters

  QUICK RECHARGE CAPABILITIES - 5 times faster than equivalent Lead Acid Jumpstarters

  LONG SHELF LIFE - 24 months

  LONG CYCLE LIFE - 2000 cycles

  SAFE - No corrosive acid inside, can be stored anywhere in the car with no risk of leaking

  FLEXIBLE - Different output ports for different voltages and applications

The SHIDO IMF12000-12 has a build in electronic PCBA that protects the Jumpstarter against  abuse and extreme conditions.


Intelligent protection – In practice

Safety Shutoff / Over discharge Protection After 8 seconds of continuous cranking, the output is automatically turned off to avoid damage to the internal battery.

Temperature protection If cranking is repeated in short intervals, and temperature reaches 60°C, the device shuts down into cool down mode.

Voltage protection If the voltage of the internal battery drops below 8V for more than 1 second, the voltage protection is activated. This happens most frequently when the Jumpstarter is used to crank an engine that is too large.

Overload protection If the load applied on the device is too high for its intended use, it will stop automatically.

Short circuit protection In case of a short circuit, the device is protected.

Reusability Because all protection is done fully electronically, the device restarts all its functions after a shutdown and reset. No new Fuses required!

Low temperature mode Emergency mode for temperatures lower than 0°C.

Visual troubleshooting The display on the device allows an extreme ease of use and quick troubleshooting.


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