Suspension Set-Up Service


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Looking to have your own bike set-up? Perhaps looking for a Interesting gift for a "biker" friend or loved one?

This Service is carried out at our NG22 0NH Base.

Our technician will start by initially setting your bike (Looking at overall geometry, sags, damping rates and the general attitude of the machine) and then fine tuning to give you the optimum balance throughout the day based on the input and feedback you give him (no matter how basic, as he is trained to interpret and ask questions). If you have never had your suspension set-up it can be the best £50 you have ever spent! If your suspension is not working for you it will be working against you.

Not only, we will be setting your suspension, we will guide you through what we are doing, and why we are doing it.

We have some fantastic local roads you can go and "Test" your new settings, come back to the shop and give us as much or as little feedback as you can and we'll make any changes and send you back off for some more fun!

It not just a suspension set-up, its an experience!

Your purchase will be valid for 1year from the date of purchase.


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