Tsubaki Chain (520) Road & Track


Product Description

Tsubakimoto Chain co, Japan: the world's largest chain maker and manufacturer of power transmission systems. Tsubakimoto is a multinational Company with sales and service organisations all over the world. Thanks to our vast research and development resources we have a leading position in the development of new technical concepts for industrial use. A long standing reputation of high quality products helps us expand and conserve our market share in the industrial and motorcycle sector.

Racing Pro TX4:

This exclusive chain is developed for racing applications. Special pin treatment, weight and ULTRA low friction of the TX4-PLUS sealed rings are features that create a superior chain, which will benefit you on the race tracks all over the world. We recommend these for 1000cc Motorcycles and Superbikes. Available in box of 120 Links or 25ft lengths. >200BHP & Above

Alpha APX TX4 Gold Side Plates:

This newly developed chain has gold coloured outer link plates for an attractive appearance and TX4 (low friction) sealed rings which result into smooth accumulation and substantial reduction of power loss. This chain is therefore ideal for the current generation of Sports Bikes. Low maintenance & friction. Superior performance. Attractive appearance. Gold outer link plates. We do not recommend these for motorcycles above 600cc, please satisfy yourself you are buying the correct chain. >120BHP


Omega O Ring:

The Omega offers you an afordable quality sealed O-ring chain, press- t pins with quad-stake riveting. O-ring chain with good value for the money! >70BHP


Gamma Series (Basic):

An economical quality roller chain (solid rollers) which is suitable for less powerful bikes. The press- t, quad-stake riveted pins add additional strength to this chain. >45BHP

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