Woodcraft Key / Ignition Barrel Eliminator


Product Description

These Elimination looms allow the rider to remove the ignition barrel from the bike and run the ON/OFF function through the OE fitted switch gear.
Most UK spec bikes will have an Immobiliser fitted, this will mean that this product must be used in conjunction with an ECU reflash (£150)
The re-flash allows us to remove the Immobiliser function from your ECU.
This product can be purchased without the "reflash" but please be aware that unless you have already removed the restrictions or you have a US ECU it will not work.
The harness is Plug & Play and needs no cutting of wires and comes with full fitting instructions.
Remove the risk of snapping a key in a crash, free up space around your top yoke - the reason to do this are endless!
Kawasaki ZX10R 2011 - 2016. The supplied white connector needs removing and changing to the one currently fitted to your ignition barrel. They are push-out bayonet fittings and the transfer will only take minutes. Once removed the pins needs to be replaced in the following position. Brown on Bike to Yellow on WC harness, White on Bike to Red on WC harness, Blue on bike to blue on WC harness and the white on the WC harness is not used in UK/Europe spec bikes.

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