Yamaha MT10 GB Racing Crash / Engine Protection


Product Description

We offer several brands of engine /crash protection and GB racing is one of them.

Almost 100 years of engineering experience and expertise has proved hugely beneficial in the design and development of our product range. Indeed, having worked hard to devise products that protect both the machine and the circuit, we were honoured to receive the prestigious Federation of International Motorcyclists (FIM) accreditation. This means that our range of products is now FIM-approved worldwide. GB Racing is now considered by many of the riders, race teams and experts as the benchmark for motorcycle protection products. Our company culture has been key to this success and our employees work together as a team to produce the very high standards of quality and service that our customers enjoy.

The company has grown significantly in its very short life and we have worked very closely at the highest level of world championship motorcycle racing to develop, continually improve and enhance our product portfolio. 

Our primary focus so far has been in the sports motorcycle market but looking to the future, our mission is to offer an even bigger product range in other motorcycle sectors as well as the exciting opportunity and potential to grow our product protection philosophy into other retail markets.

Our expertise and leading 3D CAD software allows us to create original design concepts utilising the most advanced engineering materials and injection-moulding plant equipment available today.

Working in close collaboration with race teams, we are developing the next generation of race products from initial concept, 3D design, prototyping, tooling and manufacturing right through to final testing.

At the core of our product range lies the now famous secondary engine covers. These unique products enhance the bike's appearance at the same time adding additional protection to the engine casings that are likely to come into contact with the ground. This not only greatly reduces the chance of leaking oil in the event of a crash, it also prevents the ingress of gravel and other contaminants that can cause expensive internal engine damage.

We also manufacture frame sliders (commonly known as crash mushrooms, but ours are designed to save your bike from damage, not add to it), paddock stand bobbins and chainguards for the lower run of the chain, as required by racing regulations.

Our product range is continually developing, driven by our customers' needs and the introduction of new machines — GBRacing strive to be first to market with protective products for new models, thanks to our close ties to the factories and our investment in prototyping machinery.

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