Yamaha R1 1998 - 2002 PI Pre-Injection Arrow Full Exhaust System


Product Description

This ageing beauty now has some years under he belt and as such the OE Headers tent to throw up some corrosion. Also, the resurgence in Pre-Injection racing means more and more people are looking for upgrades for this bike but they are very few and far between.


This can be solved with a shiny new  full system by one of our performance partners - Arrow.

Arrow Full Exhaust System 


Race-Tech exhaust range was the first series of silencers designed with the new diamond-shaped section. 

This design replaced (quite completely, but not at all) in the past years the older silencers sections, oval and cylindrical. The advanced profile (looks like a diamond, with smooth corners) makes it possible to reduce dimensions with respect to an exhaust with a more traditional shape and with an equivalent section surface. This feature is important in reducing weight and dimensions, increasing the internal volume with excellent advantages in noise damping and high performance. Internal structure is generally made in stainless steel, TIG welding. The internal parts, the sections, the exit pipe and the rear endcap are designed to allow for the smoother flow of exhaust gases possible reducing back-pressure-generated losses. 

This system has a 3 - 5 day lead time.

All parts are available desperately.


Silencer is 54mm External Fitment.

Link Pipe 71187MI is for use with OE Headers

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