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Often overlooked... Like your Front & Rear Suspension, your steering damper has a hard 'life' and as such the oil breaks down and works less efficiently.

The most common problem we see with Ohlins steering dampers is air in the damper. With heavy use air can be dragged in through the seals, collecting in the damper body. Air creates lag in the damper so the bars can move quite a long way before enough damping is generated to slow the movement.

In an accident it is common for the shafts in dampers to bend. Sometimes this is a big noticeable bend, others it's not noticable until the steering damper is stripped. A slight bend will drag and stick in the bushes making the steering heavy.

For £85 including return postage we will completely strip your steering damper, clean and inspect the internals, replace consumable parts, rebuild and refill with oil using or state of the art OHLINS vacuum filling machine.

Please package and send your steering damper to us, along with your receipt and the following contact form.  We will then service it and send it back to you.

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