Exhaust Heat Bandage 50mm x 5m inc x4 Stainless Steel Tie Wraps


Product Description

50mm White Heat Shield Wrap by 5m. Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Motorbike, Motorsport, Domestic Why risk wasting money on cheaper, less reliable heat wraps?? Heat wraps help increase horsepower by retaining the hot gases which decreases their density, thus allowing them to exit the system faster. It also reduces radiant heat damage and under bonnet termperatures by as much as 50% If you are serious about your motorsport then you probably already know and use some form of heatshield product, as it is vital to achieve maximum performance. E-TECH have a range of diverse and cutting edge products, engineered to solve all of your insulation and radiant heat needs.

We also, stock Metal cable ties separately.

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