Suspension Seminar 16th February 2019 - Tuxford NG22 0NH


Product Description

People often perceive suspension set-up as a “Black Art” and tend not to want to make changes for the fear of “It all going wrong”. We want to set the record straight and show you that set-up is all about learning “Cause & Effect” and understanding why things happen and what can be done to change and adjust the settings to arrive at a set-up you feel happy with.

Our aim is to provide a seminar that will leave attendee’s with a basic knowledge of how to set their machines up by understanding what the different elements of the suspension do, how they affect the machine and to understand what is going on inside the units. Sound Daunting? Well, with some expert guidance, it won’t be.

Once you have checked out we will email you some "Final Instructions" closer to the date with full timings, address and any additional info.

The day will start with Tea / Coffee and a light breakfast (Bacon Rolls), you will then have several sessions through the morning with a number of refreshment breaks. 

Neil will spend each seminar session focusing on one particular element of the suspension and will use a combination of visual aids such as cut away forks & shocks as well as on-screen presentations. The aim is to not simply tell you what to do but to help you gain a better insight into the goings on inside a set of forks and shock to assist you when you make changes to the bike.

The seminar will last approx 4 hours - we have a set program to work through but we also have a Q&A session so exact timings are hard to predict.

If you want to ask any questions please feel free to call 01777 871 095

thank you

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